Make your Business Asset 10 known !

I don’t just design logo’s and websites, I give your brand an unique identity and freedom to express its voice. Establish your brand in the marketplace among your competitors.

What it’s all about

Make your brand and website professional.

Designing is more than pretty pictures or elements. I design something that has meaning, to represent your story and vision of your business. When I create a brand identity it’s like a fingerprint that is unique to your business/organization. I will help you stand out among your competitors.

Not exactly sure what you want?

I’ve got you covered. With a series of meetings and workshops we will determine what it is you want and want to look like in your field. How you want to make a difference and leave a mark as a business/organization. Learn more…

What we do

Services & Benefits

Get it all in place, starting at the logo and brand identity. Then moving on to the corporate stationary and elements such as Letterhead, business cards etc.. Thereafter designing the website so that your customer can easily get to you.

Logo & Brand Identity

  • 3x Options
  • 1x Final Concept
  • Printable files supplied
  • 2x Revision Rounds

A logo gives you something to base your brand on, making it one of the essential parts of marketing your business. Having a logo makes marketing easier since we process images faster than text.


  • Workshop (to help with content creation)
  • Prototype / look and feel
  • 2x Revision Rounds
  • 1x Final Unique Designed Website 
  • Tablet and Mobile Responsive 
  • Source Files
  • Editing Own Content –  Training/Videos
  • 2 Months Support 

I also assist with setting up websites on your servers/hosting provider.

Having a website helps to develop a credible online presence, builds trust and also gives you a platform to share information. It creates a virtual showroom for your products and/or services. You can reach a broader audience. In some cases, you can run your entire business online without a physical store or office.

Corporate Elements / Stationary

  • 2x Options
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • 2x Revision Rounds

Corporate Identity Elements and Stationary keeps your brand Consistent and makes your business look more professional. Key is to stand-out without having to say anything.

The stages

Approach to Projects

These are the general stages of a project. It could change a little depending on your unique project, maybe 1 stage could be split into 2 stages or things could be added.

By use of a project board I manage to keep my client up to date where we are in the project. It also helps with the workflow. 

1. Questionnaire & Meeting

This is where we will talk about what you want and need for your business. I will then send you a Project proposal/Package. This is also where we will handle off all paperwork.

2. Research, Planning & Strategy

Through a few exercises and a workshop we will dig deep into who you are as a business/organization. We will break down your main objectives and goals to get to the core. Do market research, establish the strategy and start planning the creative direction.

3. Visual Direction & Look and Feel

Finalization of the visual direction and “look & feel”.  Make sure we are both on the same track.

4. Design & Development

Creating and developing the elements of your project. Making your vision come to life.

5. Tweeks & Revisions

This is where you will get the opportunity to review and give feedback. Where we can change things that are either not working or don’t look right. It’s very important that you, as client, are happy with the end result. 


6. Sign Off

Signing off of the project. Where I will present you with everything that you need going forward. I will send some files that will then have to be stored in a safe place.